Legal informing

This includes the provision of information on the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan in oral, written forms, in the forms of an electronic document or a visual insight.

This type of legal service, in fact, means that our lawyers will be able to explain in layman’s terms the rules of laws, regulations and other legal acts which affect or may affect your rights.

Legal consulting

This is legal assistance in the form of oral and written consultations, including those related to the drafting of claims, complaints, motions and other legal documents.

The main difference from legal informing is that this type of service provides for broader actions of a lawyer. Here the lawyer is engaged in creativity. You will get an intellectual product from the lawyer that helps you to achieve the desired results. For example, a properly drafted complaint, which takes into account all the facts, rights and interests, will enable you to prevent risks and threats in the future. Save your time and nerves on related issues. At the same time, it should be remembered that low-quality legal advice will force you to do one job twice.

Protection and representation of interests in courts

Protection and representation of interests of individuals and legal entities in courts, other state bodies and in non-governmental organisations.

This type of legal service speaks for itself. However, it should be remembered that representation and protection of interests in courts are very different from representation in other organisations. In court, you need a litigator. To get information on who is a litigator, read our article in News and Useful information (only in Russion).

ELS-Enhanced Legal services

This legal service includes all previously indicated ones but is not limited to that. Our team can develop a strategy to overcome the legal situation by conducting a comprehensive and versatile analysis and legal support in making multiple managerial and other decisions to achieve a positive result. Such actions include the simultaneous filing of claims in different cities, the development of a legal strategy for large and complex commercial contracts up to their implementation, the adoption of urgent internal and external measures for market fluctuations and unfair competition.

In addition, these services can be provided under the contract on legal services of outsourcing and full legal support of business.