Bolashak Consulting Group
conducts research in various fields of Law

Scientific legal examination of International treaties

Since 2010 Bolashak Consulting Group conducts a scientific and legal examination of draft international treaties.

During that period of work, about 600 expert opinions were provided on the issues of international law. Those include expert opinions on the following topics:

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Scientific Research

Bolashak Consulting Group LLP conducted scientific research within the grant funding of the Ministry of education and science of the Republic Kazakhstan: “Organizational-legal problems of the influence of Kazakhstan’s energy on the environment, and the interrelations between Kazakhstan and the EAEU in the field of energy and the environment for 2015-2017”. According to the results of the fundamental research, the monograph on “Current issues of energy and the environmental laws of Kazakhstan, the EAEU and the EU” has been published.

At present, research is being conducted on the topic “International legal framework to encourage the transport and transit potential of Kazakhstan for 2018-2020”.