Our company provides qualitative legal services on various legal issues of national and international law

Commercial law

Legal commercial issues arise at any stage of doing business. Any business cycle requires a prudent legal approach. Otherwise, risks and threats would be inevitable. Commercial law provides a platform for businessmen to enter into a variety of transactions with other businessmen and to resolve unpredicted business situations.

We offer you the assistance by drawing up and carrying out the examination of contracts that fully reflect your legal rights and interests, and offer you advice concerning the strength and potential risks for your business when you buy and sell any goods and services. In case of disputes, we will carefully examine your case to fully understand your needs and interests: all important documents, supporting information, facts and data will be analyzed, and we will prepare a motion, the necessary arguments to defend your case if it is further considered in court or arbitration.

Media law

Media law covers such areas as broadcasting, publishing, music, film, television, digital media, advertising, marketing, and copyright. We are able to help you to draw up a contract, to advise concerning draft contracts, such as an agreement with an advertising agency, or regarding the use of a certain image and/or music, or on the resolution of disputes concerning intellectual property rights.

If you are a broadcasting company, a film studio, a publisher, an advertising agency, a major brand involved in advertising, a bank, an investor, an actor, a musician, a journalist – our services are designed to protect and develop your business and your interests.

Competition law

Our lawyers can provide legal advice and practical solutions to issues of unfair competition in the sectors of oil and gas, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, industrial production, energy, trade, financial sector, telecommunications, construction, production of consumer goods.

We offer legal protection against unfair competition, which if not dealt with can cause irrevocable damage to your company. Fair competition will not only help to eliminate and minimize risks and threats to your business, but also allows you to bypass your competitors legitimately.

Contract law

Contract law is the main area of civil law for any business. A contract is an agreement between two or more parties. A legally binding contract is a voluntary agreement reached between the parties which is enforceable in accordance with the law. Contracts are a huge part of everyday life for most people.

Terms and conditions, rent agreements, sales agreements, employment contracts, service agreements, mortgages, loan agreements, and receipts are all contracts that bind you and someone in a special relationship. Everyone enters into hundreds of different contracts throughout life and different areas of law regulate those particular relationships. And, most importantly, by concluding a contract a person voluntarily gives his or her consent to accept certain rights and obligations. Never are two contracts conducted in the same way. Such diversity depends on the interests of the parties, the type of industry involved, the size of the companies and other factors.

If you want your rights and interests and your business to be protected, you should pay special attention to the drafting of the contract. We will assist you in it by participating in negotiations with your partners, thoroughly studying your needs, interests, and potential risks and paying particular attention to the legal norms and details of the draft agreement in such a way as to protect you and your business from unforeseen circumstances.


Ligation is required to resolve disputes or claims that may arise in the course of any commercial transaction or business. Such disputes or claims may arise between different companies or individuals. By its nature, the ligation is adversarial, where two parties are always involved, and it is necessary to formulate a compelling, logical counterargument.

We, by paying attention to the details of your case, will advise you on potential threats and risks, and think through the necessary strategies and tactics to achieve the best result for you. If your dispute concerns contractual obligations, banking, financial, commercial, corporate, investment, real estate or other matters, we will assist you in resolving disputes, ensuring confidentiality and avoiding conflict of interest.

If your dispute is considered by the Kazakhstani court, courts of the CIS countries, and/or by the Court of the Astana International Financial Centre, we offer you our services in the preparation of the necessary documentation, the research on the legal norms of foreign countries and the history of precedents, the drafting of a motion, building a convincing and reasoned defence that will reflect all your stances and interests. We will conduct your case throughout the process, representing and defending your legal interests before the court. Our priorities are primarily focused on our clients.

Intellectual property

Intellectual property includes the ownership and accessibility of ideas and inventions of tangible and intangible concepts. In the modern competitive market, intellectual property law becomes an integral part of the business.

If you have any questions regarding the use, commercial viability, marketing and distribution mechanisms, infringement and duplication, transfer of ownership rights, the right to use any product or material protected by intellectual property rights, or if you would like to obtain a patent, trademark and/or copyright, we are ready to advise you and legally register your idea, invention or product. Alternatively, if you have a dispute regarding intellectual property rights or your copyrights have been violated, we are ready to protect your rights and interests, fully conducting your case and when required presenting it before the court, arbitration, courts of foreign jurisdictions and in international arbitration.

Corporate law

The practice of Corporate law covers any corporate issues, such as incorporation of companies (registration of legal entities), the rights of directors and shareholders (founders), issues regarding associations, meetings of management members, public listing and delisting of companies. Each corporate transaction is unique in its own way depending on the type of industry, size of companies, and other specific factors.

We offer you our services while your company goes through merger and acquisition, which is related to the reorganization of the legal entity, and offer our assistance in adding your company to the stock exchange. We will negotiate and prepare the necessary documents for your accountants, financial advisors, management board, authorised state bodies. We also offer you support in obtaining funding from banks and private investors, as well as assistance in drafting legal reports of any complexity.

We are able to conduct a full legal audit of your activities. Owing to Legal Due Diligence you will be able to get all the necessary reliable information about the activities of the audited company before its sale.

Subsoil use law

Undoubtedly, subsoil use is the main branch of the economy of Kazakhstan, in which a vast majority of entrepreneurs want to invest.

Considering the strategic importance of this sector for the state, the activities of investors are always closely monitored by the state, which comprises the permanent control over the execution of contracts, as well as checks on compliance with legislation in the field of subsoil use.

We provide our clients with legal advice on a variety of issues in the field of subsoil use in accordance with the new Code on subsoil and subsoil use. Our lawyers are able to conduct you at each stage of work on both the License and Contractual regime of subsoil use.

When carrying out works on subsoil use, you may face various barriers in working with state authorities and private contractors. Our company will help you to take measures so that the harm of such problems would be minimised.

Real estate

This area is dedicated to helping clients to effectively manage their rights and obligations related to real estate, and competently realise the economic potential of land and buildings.

We can provide you with legal advice on various real estate transactions. Competent legal support from Bolashak Consulting Group will help you avoid all threats and risks that may impair your rights.

Acting on behalf of the lessor in the lease, we offer services for the conclusion of lease agreements with minimization of all legal risks.

The issues of registration of property rights, bailment, and recognition of a transaction as an invalid one require a thorough analysis of the legal situation and conducting the research of the rights and obligations of all interested parties who are directly and/or indirectly connected with the real estate.

Bolashak Consulting Group team will be delighted to provide you with qualified legal assistance in the field of real estate.


If you are looking for arbitration lawyers, you already know that arbitration is an alternative method of dispute resolution.

Our team will help you to arrive at a conclusion whether you indeed need to go to arbitration or you can solve everything in court. We will conduct a thorough analysis of your arbitration clause and help you assess the prospects for arbitration. In case of necessity to initiate arbitration procedures or to build a defence in the already initiated arbitration proceedings, the lawyers of Bolashak Consulting Group will do their best to ensure that your rights and interests are protected.

If in your business you are dealing with international business partners, arbitration is the best method to resolve disputes. We will help you to draft an arbitration agreement so that in case of disputes there is no problem with the validity of the arbitration agreement.

We will build a convincing and reasoned defence, which will reflect all your interests and stance. Our team will be able to conduct your case throughout the process, carefully studying all the details of the foreign law and case histories.

After the award is delivered, our team can provide services on the recognition and enforcement of that arbitral award in the desired jurisdiction. If the arbitration award does not satisfy you, our team can help to defend your interests by taking measures to prevent the recognition and enforcement of such an award.

Transport and logistics

In the area of transport and logistics Bolashak Consulting Group team offers the following services:

1. Full legal support of companies engaged in the transportation of passengers and cargo;
2. Analysis of freight contracts;
3. Legal advice in accordance with the new amendments to the legislation;
4. Legal support of international contracts with a foreign element;
5. Participation in negotiations with foreign partners;
6. Working with state authorities.
7. Preparation of reports and presentations, legal assistance in drafting bills which aim at making proposals to improve the transport industry.


Large cities and small towns of Kazakhstan are constantly under construction-and not surprising that there arises the need to regulate construction processes and provide smooth legal support of construction works. Construction projects may include infrastructure projects for roads, hospitals, public institutions, residential buildings, or sectoral projects such as gas and hydropower projects. For each such project requires legal support.

We can assist you to conduct necessary negotiations and conclude agreements between interested parties such as real estate companies, landowners, builders, architects, engineers, contractors, and subcontractors. With our help, you will be able to draw up construction contracts, guarantees, loan documentation for sponsors and agreements on the land law which are necessary to start construction projects. We will help you to obtain the necessary permits from the local authorities. If necessary, we can monitor the progress of construction projects through periodic on-site visits and meetings with interested parties. Upon the completion and transfer of a project, we will assist in registration and tax formalities to implement the projects.

In the event of any dispute at any stage of construction or after completion of construction, we can help protect your rights and interests litigating before Kazakh courts, the courts of the CIS countries, or by arbitration under the national or international law, or laws of foreign countries.

International law

International law has been and remains one of the most significant areas of law, in which Bolashak Consulting Group’s team and scientific advisors are actively engaged in. Knowledge and experience in the field of both public and private international law allow our company to monitor the development of inter-country relations and the activities of international organisations in Kazakhstan, as well as global trends. Due to this, the vision of our lawyers is not limited to the local legislation. We are looking for opportunities to fulfil our clients’ ideas at the international level.

Transactional Lawyering

Bolashak Consulting Group offers services on transactional lawyering. What does it include?

In any transaction (e.g. sale or purchase of assets), each party has rights and obligations under the law that governs that transaction. Apart from that, the parties may negotiate additional terms of the transaction. Ensuring the completeness and relevance of rights and obligations, as well as taking into consideration the interests of any party upon the inclusion of additional conditions is impossible without qualified legal assistance. This work is called a transactional lawyering.

Transactional lawyering differs from classic transaction support in that the client is provided with a wider range of services including legal informing, legal advice, protection and representation of rights and interests, as well as other legal services that will allow the client to derive maximum benefit from the legal situation.

Permits and licensing

In Kazakhstan, the necessity to obtain permits and licenses arises in three categories according to the levels of the danger of your activities or actions:

1. permits of the first category – licenses that are imposed on types (subtypes) of activities or actions (operations) associated with the high level of danger;
2. permits of the second category – all permits which are not licenses that are imposed on types (subtypes) of activities or actions (operations) associated with a medium level of danger;
3. notice is delivered in respect of the activities or actions associated with a low level of danger but requiring state authorities to be informed about the beginning or the termination of such activities or actions.

In order to understand whether you need to obtain a license or permit, or whether it will be sufficient to notify the authorised body, first of all, you need to understand in what category your activities are. Bolashak Consulting Group team will help you not only to understand this issue, but also will be able to accompany you until such permits or license is granted. Moreover, we will advise you on all matters of deprivation of permits and license and on their renewal, in order to be prepared for any legal situations which may arise in the course of your activities.


If your work is associated with information technologies, engines, technological solutions or any other technologies that require protection of your rights in working both with state agencies and with your partners, Bolashak Consulting Group will provide a high level of legal advice to create favourable legal conditions for protection and development of your technologies.

Technologies have a direct connection with intellectual property, commercialisation of your intellectual achievements, which involve a number of legal issues. Independent search for answers to such difficult questions will not solve your problem, moreover, might also be detrimental to your business. Without the timely assistance of a qualified lawyer, you may lose your time and resources.

When contacting our company, you will receive qualified legal information on the legislation of Kazakhstan and be able to get useful information on how to protect your rights associated with any types of technologies at the transactional, corporate and labour level.

Public procurement

Public procurement has become the main market for their goods and services for many entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan. Legislation in this area is constantly changing, information portals are updated at the same pace. In such circumstances, entrepreneurs need constant qualitative legal support.

Our team is able to provide you with high-quality legal assistance starting with issues on the filing of applications to deal with the legal situations concerning the performance of all volumes of works under the contract on public procurement.

In case of disputes with state authorities, Bolashak Consulting Group is able to assist you with the minimisation of risks of inclusion in the list of unscrupulous participants of public procurement.